It's the one thing that gets everyone excited - food! We provide three delicious, healthy meals a day with beverages and snacks available 24/7 in the dining room. Our menus are reviewed by a licensed dietician, so you know you're getting great tasting food with all the good nutrients our bodies crave! Our residents are actively involved in reviewing the menus monthly, so any requests they have, our professional chefs are always up for the task! As the wise ones say, "food is the ingredient that binds us together."






Ladies and gentlemen the entertainment for tonight will be... Peachtree! Each community has specialized activity directors who are dedicated in providing memories, fun, and laughter year round for all the residents. We ensure all holidays are packed full of fun to ensure no one is alone, and we have weekly activity based socializing where all are welcome. Residents often make their own fun as well with: community gardening, group walks, card games in the lounge, daydreaming under the dogwoods, and so much more! From the sounds of African drums in the savanna to sailing across the blue water with the sun on your face, Peachtree has something for everyone!


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"Thanks so much for your love and care for our Mom. You all are truly doing God's work on Earth. May you have the merriest of Christmases EVER!"

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.40.36 PM Jane + Crew, Resident's Family