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Are you looking for ways to give back to the community or volunteer your time to those who need you? At Peachtree Village we need people like you!

Our residents always look forward to seeing new faces in the community, and they would love to spend time with you! We've had volunteers do everything from sit and talk with a senior to play a mini concert to a whole crowd. Whatever the case may be, each person you interact with here will cherish those moments and have a fuller heart because of you.



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Not only do our residents value your time but our staff does as well! In our communities we have a strong value of family, so everyone helps out everywhere. From simple tasks such as moving tables for an event up to more complex work like setting up a projector screen with audio we can always use an extra hand. We also offer the option of internships to get your foot in the door and gain knowledge and skills that will cary you the rest of your career!

Check out any of our three communities in Arkansas: Fort Smith, Farmington, and Holiday Island. Come find out what it's like to be truly rewarded for your time by giving back to those who need you!


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"Peachtree is amazing! I love being able to see my Aunt Sue doing special activities.If I ever had to be in an assisted living home,I wish it could be Peachtree.Your staff is amazing.I’m so thankful that my Aunt Sue is there being well taken care of."

Peachtree Rhonda, Resident's Family