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When someone decides to be a part of our Peachtree community here at Holiday Island, AR, they have no idea that their family will soon be our family—including their pets! We have been so very blessed over the years to have residents that share the love and care of their pets. For instance, a few months back, Dr. Bob and Pat moved here from Texas and brought their sweet dog, Jade. Whenever Jade enters a room, the residents and staff light up with joy! The Bob and Pat never have to look far for a dogsitter because there's usually a waiting list to care for Jade if they are out for the day.  We are so thankful to have Jade, Bob and Pat as part of our family!

Unconditional Love and Renewed Purpose

It is universally known that pets add so much to people's lives, and especially to the lives and hearts of senior adults. Pets provide unconditional love that people sometimes struggle to give—and more importantly, they provide a purpose for our senior adults.

Harold was part of our family for a few years before he decided to adopt a cat... and boy did we see a different side of Harold! Who would have ever guessed that this highly intellectual man would become such a softy for his cat, Mustache? You see, Harold was a caregiver for his wife before she passed and had always been a provider for his family. Like most of us, he got up each day with a purpose to care for his family. Well, Mustache gave Harold a renewed sense of purpose because he depended on Harold to supply for his daily needs. In return, Harold had a dear friend and companion to share life with. I truly believe that a little black-and-white cat added years to Harold's life!  

Pet Therapy

We are also very blessed to know our dear friend, Lassie—a therapy dog that has been visiting Peachtree Holiday Island for years. She is a miniature collie owned by Angie. When Angie brings Lassie for a visit, our residents gather around as though the Queen herself has arrived! Lassie is beautiful and full of love and kisses for everyone! Our residents will sit for hours in the library enjoying her company and sharing memories of their own beloved pets from over the years. We encourage prospective residents to bring their pets, as we know the furry friends will add that much more joy to our family here at Holiday Island!

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Written by Janet Nordlie