• Home and community based services
  • Managed care programs through Medicaid
  • Qualifying for Medicaid Assistance
Navigating through all these choices can be confusing. Information available on the choices can vary from website to website. The Assisted Living Choices Waiver program is for applicants who must require a level of care that is consistent with that of an intermediate level of nursing home care. Since Peachtree Village is a Level 1 assisted living community with residents at a fairly high level of ability, we do not provide nursing services and are not a provider for the Living Choices Waiver program. That is considered a higher level of care than we provide. However, Peachtree Village at Holiday Island is a provider for the Medicaid Personal Care Services program.

Arkansas Medicaid Personal Care Services

  • Residency – Program participants must be residents of the state of Arkansas. The assisted living community into which they are moving must be within the state borders.
  • Functional Ability – Personal care services are primarily based on the assessed physical dependency need for "hands-on" services with the following activities of daily living (ADL): eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, toilet use and ambulating. This type of assistance is provided by a personal care aide based on a beneficiary's physical dependency needs (as opposed to purely housekeeping services). A plan of care is developed through the assessment process and is based on a beneficiary's dependency in at least one of the above-listed activities of daily living. While not a part of the eligibility criteria, the need for assistance with other tasks and IADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) are considered in the assessment. Both types of assistance are considered when determining the amount of overall personal care assistance authorized. Routines or IADLs include meal preparation, incidental housekeeping, laundry, medication assistance, etc. 
  • Income – The amount of assistance or type of program you qualify for depends on the number of people in your family and their incomes. This information helps the state make sure that everyone receives the best coverage they can. A prospective Medicaid beneficiary must complete an Arkansas Department of Human Services Application for Health Coverage and take it to their county Medicaid office.
  • Once a Medicaid beneficiary number is assigned, the beneficiary can then apply for the Personal Care Services program. As your provider, Peachtree Village at Holiday Island can assist you with this process.





  • The "Aid and Attendance" pension program is designed to help defray the cost of care for qualifying veterans or surviving spouses, thereby helping to alleviate the concern of exhausting their finances.
  • The "Aid and Attendance" benefit is a non-service-connected benefit. A veteran does not have to have a service-connected disability or have an income below a specified amount in order to qualify. There are, however, some general requirements, such as wartime service and need for care.
  • Currently, the benefit will pay up to: $2,120 per month for a veteran with a spouse; $1,788 per month for a single veteran; and $1,149 per month for a surviving spouse. If both spouses are veterans, the benefit will pay up to $2,837.
  • If you are a war-time veteran or surviving spouse and require ongoing assistance with your personal care for which you incur expenses, call or visit the Peachtree Village nearest you for information on how to apply for the Aid and Attendance pension.