About Us

We began in 1986 by two doctors, Sam and Annette Landrum, who had a dream to offer high-quality, affordable senior care in Arkansas. Peachtree has embodied that dream ever since, and enveloped communities that are more than health care facilities - they are homes.


Our Mission Statement


To provide affordable, assisted living services with a prosperous environment through compassion of caretakers


We have three variety locations around Arkansas, so there is something for everyone! Our Fort Smith village was our first, and has deep roots in the local community. Our next charming community of Farmington is apart of the ever-growing northwest Arkansas which is booming with bridges between the young and the wise! Our final village can be found in the stunning, resort-like community at Holiday Island - known for its outdoor leisure activities as well as its quaint local town!



Peachtree Life Is Peachy At Peachtree! 



"Peachtree's staff is one in a million. What a fun time for the residents. Thank You for always putting them first! And for sharing the pictures. It warms my heart and makes me smile."

Peachtree Denise, Community Volunteer