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Family Owned Retirement Communities Since 1986

Welcome to Peachtree Village, with three retirement communities located in scenic Arkansas.
We offer an affordable living community with monthly events, plated dining, and professional assistance.
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No extra fees for our services

No Extra Fees For Our Services

We have a flat rate, which we've proudly designed to exclude “levels of care” and hidden costs. Essentially this means that you will be provided with assisted living necessities (such as bathing, dressing, eating, medication management, etc.) at no additional cost. You won't have to dread being informed about a handful of unexpected fees each month.


31 years of family owned service

34 Years Family-Owned

Peachtree was founded thirty-four years ago by Sam and Annette Landrum, who had shared a vision to create affordable, compassionate retirement communities for the elderly in their home state. The communities since have been passed down to their daughter Janet Nordlie, who continues to share Sam and Annette’s vision.


Spacious floor plans

Featured Apartments

In the Arkansas region, the Peachtree apartments are known for their spacious floorplans. We offer a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room in a wide-open layout. Another favorite of our residents is the outdoor patio and yard included with most apartments.


Veterans aid and attendance benefit

Veterans Aid + Attendance Benefit

These benefits are recognized by all Peachtree communities and help ease the financial burden of retirement care. Both funds allow veterans financial deductions to their overall retirement community costs as a way for us to say "Thank you for your service."


Level one licensed assisted living

Level 1 Licensed Assisted Living

All Peachtree communities are licensed by the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care to guarantee each resident is receiving the professional care they deserve. This includes the licensing required to handle resident’s private needs and medications.


From Staff to Family

From Staff to Family

Our staff holds each resident near and dear to their hearts. We offer smaller-sized communities to allow for a more personalized assisted living environment where staff and residents become closely bonded. We have been told by our residents time and time again that they view our staff as family, not just helpmates.