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Is There a Right Time to Move into Assisted Living?

Deciding when to move into assisted living can be a difficult decision for families, friends, and spouses, as loved ones become more dependent on others. This increased responsibility of family as caregivers can become a full time job. In the midst of these difficult times, many families begin to struggle to manage alone and begin to look at the various options available.
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Protect Yourself by Locking Your Credit

With all the recent data breaches that have compromised some of our personal information, now is the time to consider locking your credit. There are people who will steal your personal information and try to open an account under your name or use your data in a credit check to set up an apartment or something else creative.
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Pet Friendly Peachtree – Holiday Island, AR

When someone decides to be a part of our Peachtree community here at Holiday Island, AR, they have no idea that their family will soon be our family—including their pets! We have been so very blessed over the years to have residents that share the love and care of their pets. For instance, a few months back, Dr. Bob and Pat moved here from Texas and brought their sweet dog, Jade. Whenever Jade enters a room, the residents and staff light up with joy! The Bob and Pat never have to look far for a dogsitter
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