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Pet Friendly Peachtree – Holiday Island, AR

When someone decides to be a part of our Peachtree community here at Holiday Island, AR, they have no idea that their family will soon be our family—including their pets! We have been so very blessed over the years to have residents that share the love and care of their pets. For instance, a few months back, Dr. Bob and Pat moved here from Texas and brought their sweet dog, Jade.
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Aid and Attendance Benefit: The Best Kept Secret

Working in the field of Elder Law, I am astounded at the number of Veterans I meet who are not aware of a key benefit available to many older Veterans through the Veterans Administration.  The benefit I most commonly work with is called the Aid and Attendance benefit—A&A for short—and it seems that no one is aware of what this benefit offers or that it even exists.  In fact, not long
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Assisted Living Levels In Arkansas

Did you know? Arkansas is different than most states in that there are two designated "levels" of assisted living, each with its own regulations. Basically, Level I communities are for more independent residents and Level II communities are for residents who need intermediate nursing care. Let's take a look at what assisted living looks like in Arkansas and the differences between the
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