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Family Owned Retirement Communities Since 1986
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Welcome to Peachtree Village, with 3 retirement communities located in scenic Arkansas.  We emphasize an active lifestyle with lots of fun, casual dining, and a little assistance as needed.  We offer spacious apartment homes with no big, upfront buy-in fees or long term leases.  We have a flat rate and don't charge extra for extra services.  No "levels of care" or hidden fees.  We would love for you to be a part of our Peachtree family and continue your story here ... with us!!! 
Our Veterans
Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit
DO YOU KNOW there are funds available through the Veteran's Aministration to help veterans or their surviving spouse receive the financial support necessary to ensure their continuing care in an assisted living or nursing home setting?
The "Aid and Attendance" pension program is designed to help defray the cost of care for qualifying veterans or surviving spouses, thereby helping to alleviate the concern of exhausting their finances.
The "Aid and Attendance" benefit is a non-service-connected benefit. A veteran does not have to have a service-connected disability or have an income below a specified amount in order to qualify. There are, however, some general requirements, such as wartime service and need for care. 
Currently, the benefit will pay up to: $2,120 per month for a veteran with a spouse; $1,788 per month for a single veteran; and $1,149 per month for a surviving spouse. If both spouses are veterans, the benefit will pay up to $2,837.
If you are a war-time veteran or surviving spouse and require ongoing assistance with your personal care for which you incur expenses, call or visit the Peachtree Village nearest you for information on how to apply for the Aid and Attendance pension.
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